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Brown on Cleveland Podcast "No Gossip, All Talk with Just a Little Bit of Drama"

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No Gossip, All Talk, and Just a Little Bit of Drama! It's "Brown on Cleveland "featuring former radio host Kimberly F. Brown of WOVU.95fm. The original podcast is heard Thursday evening @ 8 pm. "Brown On Cleveland" is a weekly broadcast focused on controversial issues impacting the city of Cleveland, adjacent communities, and connecting global situations. "Brown on Cleveland" engages in a "Punch Back" Moment Movement allowing social media followers and listeners to respond and challenge "Brown on Cleveland " and share their opinions via social media, text, and letters. "Brown on Cleveland" is thought-provoking. Unlike any other media, we will give you a different spin and twist to every story that catches our attention. We don't play favorites. We are extremely selective. Although many folks beg to be on our show, we will only sit with Real Leaders making a Real Difference. This ain't no patty cake moment! No Gossip, All Talk, and Just a Little Bit of Drama! It's "Brown on Cleveland "We are the only podcast in the world SaSSy Enough to have an "Attitude! Brown is also the Chief Administrator of The Brown Report Newspaper, Cleveland, OHIO. Forthcoming March 2021 is the Brown on Cleveland "AfterDark" Video podcast. (Disclaimer: we do not own the rights to any music aired on Brown on Cleveland Podcast or Radio Program) Brown on Cleveland is now on NEWSBREAK. Download the app and follow Brown on Cleveland for some of the most controversial issues in Cuyahoga County.It's Brown Brown Brown; Simply Brown on Cleveland!
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